– Escape with Mystery Packs

Prizes: In-Pack Grand Prizes.

Five (5) grand prizes are available through this Contest.The grand prize is a $4,000 Transat gift certificate.

Online instant secondary prizes.

Five (5) secondary Prizes are available. Each of the secondary prizes (i.e. gift sets) have a value of about $1,000.

The secondary prizes consist of the following:

One (1) “Taste of the Sun” gift set includes:

  • A pair of designer sunglasses
  • Two beach towels
  • A $200 Browns Shoes gift certificate
  • A tote bag
  • A gift basket of Biotherm sun care skin products
  • A selection of 10 boxes of 12 K-Cup packs of Brew Over Ice drinks
  • Two KeurigTM Iced Beverage Tumblers

One (1) “Ready-tea-go” gift set includes:

  • A luggage set
  • A $700 shopping spree gift certificate
  • A selection of eight 12 K-Cup pack boxes of tea
  • KeurigTM Stainless Steel Travel Mug

One (1) “Techno Treats” gift set includes:

  • A 32 GB mini tablet with cover
  • A waterproof digital camera
  • A $100 iTunes gift card
  • A selection of eight 12 K-Cup pack boxes of indulgent drinks

One (1) “Coffee Escape” gift set includes:

  • A $900 travel gift voucher
  • A selection of eight 12 K-Cup pack boxes of coffee

8.5 One (1) “All Aboard” gift set includes:

  • A handbag
  • A $250 Lululemon gift certificate
  • A designer watch
  • A mixed selection of eight 12 K-Cup pack boxes
  • A Keurig blanket
  • A one-year subscription to a magazine
  • K-CupTM Carousel
  • A $100 gift certificate

Eligibility: Canada, 18+

Expiry Date: Ends on December 31

Limit: One (1) entry per e-mail address


Official rules: